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When we talk of lack of employability among youth, it doesn't imply that there is lack of jobs; in fact there are plenty of jobs in the market, but there are very few who have the requisite skills. At present, there are many degree colleges in Bihar providing education to a huge number of students every year in different streams but most of these fresh graduates are unable to get suitable jobs because of the lack of adequate skills that the employer is seeking and this has created a huge academia-industry gap between state run institutes and the recognized companies of the Country.

In light of creating more employable resources by integrating information technology in education, Bihar Knowledge Center (BKC) was established in 2009. It was assisted by Government of Bihar through its State Designated Agency named BSEDC (BELTRON) and BEST has been working as executing and implementing agency.

The philosophy behind the inception of BKC is to create structure at different corners of the state that could strengthen and support the educated youths get gainful employment by providing training on various subjects that includes IT & SOFT SKILLS, PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT, CUSTOMIZED TECHNICAL AND VOCATIONAL SKILLS as per demand in skilled job market.

Further to that looking at the huge gap among industry, academia and the government and to enhance the employment opportunities in IT sector, Government of Bihar has taken an initiative to create a separate body which will execute all employment linked training programme under the banner of “Bihar Knowledge Society”. It will provide a way for students of state to be of industry grade and readily employable after their graduation.